ABOUT cosure LLC

Within the world of an entrepreneur, the fine lines separating personal and business finances may be blurred. Entrepreneurial and personal endeavors may be closely intertwined. We call it entrepersonal. 

Harnessing the power of accounting, corporate and personal finance, and risk-management and insurance, we have assembled all the tools that start-ups and growing businesses need to thrive. To all that staid platitude, we added a dash of creativity to deliver alternative solutions to common challenges.

At CoSure, we deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions that optimize every facet of the entrepersonal paradigm. Whether you need help with entity formation, financing growth, business planning, or risk management and insurance, we’ve got the skills and creativity to optimize your entrepersonal life.



Comprehensive Solutions for the entrepersonal paradigm


A Different Approach

At CoSure, we believe that there are no limits to what can be achieved when the full force of human spirit is brought to bear.  We believe that all circumstances are unique and deserving of individualized solutions. That’s why we bring our minds and hearts to to  every project and focus on both traditional and alternative  concepts.


Unique Solutions

Whether your business is just a concept or is already a cash cow, we have a solution for you. Each phase in the evolution of a business presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Our objective is to optimize your business, maximize its potential, and take it to the next level.


Quality Over Quantity

We believe that ongoing and life-long learning will enhance our personal and professional lives – more accurately – our entrepersonal lives. We’re committed to explore all options and opportunities – and when we don’t have the ideal solution, we won’t hesitate to tell you so. Now, that’s an alternative concept!

Customer Testimonials


Independent Business owner

“After a financial advisor sold me some high-commission financial products that were ill-suited to me investment objectives, Bernard assessed my needs, analyzed my portfolio, and suggested innovative investment vehicles and several investment options that were closely aligned with my investor profile. Bernard presents the complete picture as he highlights the benefits and pitfalls of any contemplated strategies.”


independent business owner

“I contacted Bernard to purchase a specific retirement-plan product. Bernard initiated a conversation through which he learned what my objectives were and pointed out that my needs would be best served through a product that’s available at no charge to me. Additionally, through that conversation Bernard identified several financial planning issues that I was unaware of. We then worked together to further clarify those and resolve them.”


P. R.
Independent business owner

“Working with Bernard to explore alternative risk-financing mechanisms for property-casualty and employee-benefit exposures was very refreshing. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, presents innovative strategies, and ensures compliance. Most of all he educated us about the structures and ensured that we understood the pros and cons associated with them. ”


Independent business owner

“Bernard helped us on many occasions by performing extensive due diligence and financial analysis. His ability to scrutinize accounting records  and extract meaningful info from mounds of data has been invaluable. We know that regardless the project, Bernard will deliver.”